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Calendar pages with text overlay: What kind of work do I need to do right now?  What kind of mental state am I in right now?  Is there something I can do to get myself into the right mental state?

Who controls your time and energy?

Let’s pretend this is a message you found tucked inside a bagel you just pulled from the sad-looking spread on the conference room…
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ant's-eye view of a snail

How to speed-shift into modern marketing

Moving a large, conservative organization into modern marketing is a ton of work.  Such organizations tend to stick to old methods long after…
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Steps into the 9/11 memorial lead past a pair of columns salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.

9/11 Memorial immerses us in the story

There are stories whose end we know, but we keep retelling them. There are stories we retell because their meaning runs so deep.…
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Graphic shows results of the Morning Consult poll.

Who needs editors?

A Morning Consult poll out today says readers believe they should assume more authority from editors in deciding what news is shown on…
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